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Fabric Filter Media 

Masterfil® Fabric Filters    NSF 

New, Advanced Fabric Filter   

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Masterfil® Fabric oil filters are scientifically engineered to extend cooking oil life in commercial food service operations.  These filters evolved through extensive research and development with a major university Food Sciences Department (specializing in food technology) and field testing with nationally recognized chain restaurants.  The filter media conforms to FDA standards, and is designed to be a drop-in replacement for existing mechanical filtration equipment.  No additional tools or hardware are required.

The filter is used the same way traditional filters are used with one exception, do not throw it away... The Masterfil® Fabric long life micro-channel filter media can be used over and over again (up to a week and sometimes even more) while providing greatly enhanced filtration efficiency. In cases where sediment loads are present, the engineered surface of the filter media is easily cleaned. Simply use a spatula to scrape the debris and continue filtering. The filter surface is virtually impossible to tear or damage.

Fabric Filtration provides absolute particulate removal at 99% efficiency down to ½ micron (How Big is a Micron). The separation technology is immediate with no need to re-circulate. This will cut the time of filtration by as much as 75%. Extended Oil Life results in significant savings in shortening/oil cost.


We recommend using the Masterfil® Fabric Filter for 7 days and then discarding.  Pick a day of the week and that becomes filter change day each week.

  • Extends shortening functional life by 50% to 200%
  • Significantly higher flow rate through all phases of filtering cycle
  • Instant oil clarity. The media removes 99.9% particulate down to ½ micron
  • Reduces filtration time. Extended re-circulation is not needed.
  • Much improved oil color
  • Dramatically improved resistance to blinding and clogging
  • Extremely durable – almost impossible to damage
  • Improved food quality and appearance
  • Reduces daily top-off by up to 10%


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