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Oil Solutions Group is your Cooking Oil Specialist!!

Oil Solutions Group is the name to know for cooking oil management services.  Cooking Oil is too expensive to waste.  For maximum return, you must stay current on new technology and continually rethink your cooking oil management strategy.  Our job is to aid you in developing, or perfecting, your cooking oil management program, and assist in your system-wide rollout.  Maximizing your cooking oil savings, while improving your product output, is the ultimate goal of Oil Solutions Group.


You can rely on the professionals at Oil Solutions Group for innovative cooking oil filtration answers.  We have assembled the industry best and most effective combination of people and products (Masterfil® Fabric Filters, Testo, MagnesolX-Tend, and Armadillo) and the knowledge that will allow you to DOUBLE THE USEFUL LIFE OF YOUR COOKING OIL.  Use these products in combination for the best filtering results available in the market place.  Our Fabric Filters used with Magnesol XL, or other Active Filtration Agents will remove particulates down to 1/2 Micron and soluable free fatty acids from your cooking oil. These products will allow you to re-direct a large amount of money you currently spend on cooking oil and fryer equipment to your bottom line, not the oil dump.  

Paper Filters are yesterday… Cone filters are yesterday... If you are using Paper Filters, you need to see how to take advantage of new Masterfil® fabric filter technology.  Fabric Filters used with active cooking oil filtration powder, Magnesol filter powder, and high quality portable filter pumps will save money, improve product quality, and help clean the environment.  You will not be asked to spend money, but simply redirect the money you are currently spending away from the landfill and to your bottom line.  We carry only Masterfil® Fabric Filters, the very best cooking oil filters on the market!

Knowing when to change your cooking oil is also important.  We carry the TESTO 270 to give you an electronic verification of when your cooking oil is no longer usable.  The TESTO 270 is the latest technology tool to supplement your oil management program.  

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